Manhattan Fish Market and Town.

Last day of school!!! Web App lesson~ Ended school with a Kinder Bueno from faci (: Decided to head to Bishan for some Manhattan student meal! (; We both ordered Fish and Chips! (; It only cost $6.90 with freeflow drinks! But who would gulp themselves with th drink lah. We barely drink finish 1 cup!!! LOL.

Wanted to catch a movie, but nothing much to watch so decided not to and played arcade. He is still that Bishi Bashi pro since I first knew him! WTH. I have no idea why are his fingers so ling huo (IDK what is it called in English)!!! In th end, we ended up going to Town! Singapore is getting boring, no where to go. Boohoo. ); Walked around Town with th usual malls and decided to slack at Starbucks. Bby took th train with me!! *Inserts loves* Yayness. Long journey ride back for him again from Tampines. I think he very familiar with Tampines alr, keep pei me == HAHA.

xoxo for now.


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