My ‘Underworld’ Experience.

Heh heh. Thinking that I went to Underwater World? Nah. I actually watch Underworld 1 and Underworld 2 this 2 days!! (: Its an awesome show! Recommended to me by my boyfriend. For those that watch, you will know this is a ‘oh-so-long-ago’ show, released in 2003? But HAHAH. I know im slow! Underworld 4 is recently released in th cinemas! Will be watching 3 and 4 with boyfie! Underworld 3 isnt available on Funshion, so bf decided to dl it and watch tgt with me (a recap for him) before we watch 4!

Man, didnt know i would like it cause there are quite alot of fighting scenes (which i hate). But this is good. Vampires, Lycans (Werewolves), Hybrid? Awesome.

Strongly recommend you people to watch it! :D Okay, off to study since i will be having papers on Thurs (Killer paper) and Fri and I have yet to revise ANY.


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