Best Valentine’s Day!

Hi readers! I had my awesome valentine day with my bf! What about you? (;

Headed to baby’s house in th noon. Watched a small part of Underworld 3. == AHHAHAH! Guess i will have to watch it someday myself! And it was exchanged gift time!! (: Totally love th things he got me! <3 A super cute bear, a Hello Kitty iPhone cable, 2 gachapon Hello Kitty magnets and 1 box of Kinder Surprise! (; How can i not love him? *melts*

Didnt know what we can have for dinner cause we know all th places would be super pack! ); Decided town will be a super NO NO! So ended up at Novena. Wanted to have Sakae Sushi! But in th end changed our mind and went to XinWang Hong Kong. == HAHAHA. Baby went to try their new dish which is like fermented pork? HAHAHAHAHHA! And he didnt like it! He say have one taste. LMAO!!!

After dinner, walked around Novena and decided to head to East! == LOL! Pathetic i know. Cause my baby always have to accompany me to East no matter what occasion. Poor him! Ended up at Bedok. So we found a place and chit chat~~~ YAY. Me likey.

Totally love my boyfriend. xoxo.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there once again! (;


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