Something to share with you, to embarrass myself!

HAHAHAHHAAH. I was stalking myself and I found out I wrote this under “Information about yourself” in one of th website which totally made me laugh. ==

“Hello. My name is VELDA.
there’s nothing wrong with my name.

I turn 15 every 22 September, so please do remember to buy me lotsa gifts. :D I’m just another typical girl-next door you can find on any ordinary street. To be truthful, I think I’m pretty nasty & unreasonable.
I do take revenge. But need not worry; I’m definitely as friendly as you expect it to be. (:”

Turn 15 every 22 September. HAHAHAHAHA! WTH. What english is that. And omg. Cant believe i wrote those! ==

And on my old blog, i wrote this:
“Loves her imaginary friend.
Madly in love with KimHyunBin.
Adores XiaoGui, Elvin Ng!
Hmm, HyunJoong too! ^^
Tempted to get nose and smiley piercing!
Expect th unexpected from me. ”



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