First UT3 paper.

Thought i’ll do a short post before revising for tmr’s paper which is at 8:30 == FML. Super early. However, will be meeting Charlene and gang at 7:20 AHH my gawd. Guess i will have to leave house latest by 6. Which means waking up at arnd 4:30? FML. );

But ok. So.. not really a good day for me i guess. Woke up early to do up my notes. Wanted to take a new route to school (Bus 506 > Bus 168). So i walked to a bus stop about 15 mins from my house. And then… th freaking bus took 20 mins. Alighted 3 stops later to wait for 168. AND OMG. THEN I REALISED THERE ARE ALSO OTHER BUSES FROM THAT STOP I TOOK TO TH 168 BUS STOP. I WAS LIKE WTF. AM I DUMB? Wasted 20 mins of my youth there waiting under th hot sun. NO JOKE. Next, i sat on th window seat with that scorching sun shining in == Giving me migraine.

Next, supposed to meet baby at his bus stop (he boarding th 168 i took). But ended up it was too pack for him to board. FML. Saw him at th bus stop and i was at th window seat. LIKE WTF. Drama style man. Ended up he had to wait for th next bus. Waited for him at Woodlands int. and headed to school.

Was in th same class as quite a few people; LeXin, JiaMin, Min Guang (if i spell his name correctly ><) and Sandy. Yupp. After UT, had our early dinner at TRCC. Th food sucks! ); Dont have my chicken. Ordered fish instead. But th spaghetti cream sauce so watery. Boohoo. Not my day or what?

Headed home on 168 with a super HOT seat cause i chose th last row at th corner. No where to move as it was too packed. == Took th bus all th way, feeling so hot and alighted at Tamp. area. Waited for bus 38 and it was too pack, cant even enter. FML. Ended up i walk to Tamp. mrt and took a train to Tanah Merah.



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