hihi. headed to Yishun early in th morn to meet my b. after his 1st paper of th day which ended at 9.30! So we met at Yishun at 10:15 and decided to head for some breakfast. In th end, ended up eating PonTian. -_- HAHAHAH! I know. We are always eating that. LOL! Ohyeah. Got to share with you guys one funny incident~ I recently started using Foursquare (like 2 days ago?) and when i checked in at th coffee shop we had for pontian, i realise that there was a girl who checked in there as well not long ago! HAHAHHAHHA. So i went to look arnd and scan th coffee shop when we are leaving. Cant really tell which one is th girl based on her dp though. LOL *stalker mode*

Next, headed to Timezone. Played one of th most fun game! I think its a new game cause i didnt see it before (last time i went to NorthPoint arcade and other arcade branches). Its like a 2 player driving and th machine can move while you drive! Very fun OMG. Cant wait to play again T.T I want….

Okay, not long later headed back to school and tada time for Web APP UT. Idk if its considered manageable. Cause i was so panicky through th whole paper! -_- FOR WHUT i know.

Ended UT and went to Causeway Banquet for dinner. LAKSA YONG TAU FU. yay omg me likey. ok i sound very pig. ok end of my day bye!


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