Short meet up.

hihi readers. How are you? Had a short meet up with my boy today! *smirks*

He went to Changi Hospital earlier in th noon to visit his grandma. ); Poor ahma, FASTER RECOVER! (; So, we met at Simei and went to East Point Mall. -_- One of my most hated malls (cause i dont see anything in thr! Not even a arcade pls). So we decided to have an early dinner cause he was complaining how hungry he was! Had Sambal Chilli Fish. o.o HAHAHHA.

Went for some Daiso hunts after dinz. Got quite a few stuffs. 4 CERAMIC plates requested by my mum. == SUPER HEAVY (but thanks for b. to help me carry all arnd) Ahhh. <3 Next, i got myself a Hello Kitty Handy Mirror, Eyebrow Trim Cutter and Face Roller (which i gt my boy to buy for me, hah). This boy of mine got himself 2 glass cups o.o, dust roller, sweets, sweet container and a 10kg handgrip! HAHAHA.

Decided to train down to Bedok cause East Point Mall have nth to shop! Except for Daiso. And he went to drink some ABC Pork Soup. == LOL!!! I think that is like th well known easiest soup to make pls!!! HAHAHHA. Walk and walk and went home after that. :D ok bye!


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