hihi, been some time since i last blogged. KEKE. Gonna update on my “zoo” trip last Tues. ==

Met J. at AMK around 11:30am. SUPPOSEDLY to go to th zoo. But.. GRRRR i forgotten to brought th printed voucher. T.T So gave it a miss. Sobssss. Ended up having lunch at Popeyes and caught a movie. Was deciding against a few shows and decided to catch “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”. So, there was “Ghost Rider” which came out in 2007. I didnt watch it but J. did! HAHAHA. However, i still felt that th movie was GREAT! (; I enjoyed it. Heh.

When th movie ended it was like only 3+ which is VERY early cause we usually meet around 2 plus 3 on other days! EXTRA TIME :B heh heh. So decided to head to City Hall since there wasnt anything to do at AMK Hub. Went to Marina Square and tried Green Tea Cream! (; Recommended to me by WeiJin. NICEEE~. Even J. who isnt a fan of Green Tea says its nice! So now you know how nice it is? (; Plus, i got a super friendly guy to take my order. *One smile for you*.

Next, we headed to Suntec City for arcade and neoprints! The neoprint machine sucks big time! 4 machines but 3 were down. Th quality of th photos suck damn bad. BUGIS NEOPRINTS ARE DA BEST. :D The arcade now also use card alr, no more credit coins. So we bought a card and left 6 tokens. Decided to catch some toys. :D And guess what? Bby caught a couple duckie at his first try!!! WOOHOO. 2nd and 3rd try caught nth. HAHAHAHHA. So funny.
P.S: At first i was nagging caused i thought both were the same! Until he told me it was a couple one!!! :B *my fault*

Decided to have dinner at i had curry chicken kway tiao and bby had his Curry Fish. (^_^). Hmmmm, so we walked down to Bugis! And shopped around Bugis Street and Sim Lim Square! I got my Diamond screen protector. WOOHOO. *Happy* and bby got his Cleave bumper in Brown which in th end was a DISASTROUS bumper. Not gonna share with you guys th story. HAHAHAH. So yeap. );

Before we headed home, we went to have dessert! I chose… Mango Pomelo Sago WHICH WAS TH WORST I EVER EATEN. D: Inside frozen one… and th taste sucks. and and and th sago balls all hard one. *Pukes* and bby had this DA MAI thing, which dont look good as well!

Okay, thats all for now. Picture time:


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