Wondering what ive been doing lately?
Been living th life of a 100% PURE “OTAKU” or maybe COUCH POTATO (Just that i sit on my chair, HAHAH kiddin). HAHAHAH. So yes. Have been staying at hope for a couple of days now (Mon, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday). WOW man. HAHAHHA.

So, with ALL th time i have let me tell you what ive been doing on these days.
1. Sleeping
2. Watching my dramas/ movies
3. Eating
4. Stalking people (NOT IN A PERVERTIC WAY)

OMGZ. No joke dude…. my routine!!! I could possibly just take a nap in th noon and go to bed at 10+pm? Heh heh. Dont think you can find anyone as pig as me. T.T But ohwell. This is me! KEKE.

Hmmm, so let me tell you guys a few dramas/ movies ive been watching and MY review on them!

HK drama: On Call 36 小时
AWESOME! Its a new drama and i love it! Still waiting for th next episode to be out (1 episode release per day on Funshion ^^)

Horror Movie: The Ring and The Ring 2
GREAT! I watched it like one after another straight away in th day. And i really like it (I LOVE HORROR). Its not those super scary kind of show but it got me hugging my pillow while watching it!!! (i always does this, HAHAHA) *BUT I DONT HIDE MY FACE BEHIND MY PILLOW OK*

Disappointed! Reason being, i heard it was a very sad and touching show and i prepared to drop some tears for it! But sadly i didnt! Not even a drip! It wasnt really very sad and it doesnt really makes any sense (TO ME). Totally not what i was expecting. T.T

Underworld: Awakening (2012)
Kind of meh as compared to the previous 3 movies!!! ); But it was still okay..

Okay thats all, tata.


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