So yes. Bused down to J. house and caught 2 movie! Turning Point 2 and ATM!!! Both show was so-so only. After dinner at his house, J went to drive me around Woodlands area with his dad’s car! Wheee. Finally i can see him driving! So happy! He went to show me SSDC as well (where he learn his driving). Never imagine this day! Months ago he was telling me he wanted to get his license. Months later? Im sitting right next to him with him driving me around! KEKE.

He went home to return his dad th car and I took 168 home!!! ^_^

Anw, wonder what I am busy doing if i m staying at home? WATCH DRAMA! If you ever wonder if i will get bored of watching drama? Nope i dont. Heez. Just like a particular HK drama which i finished in 2 days (30 episodes). I was like so unhappy and grumpy when i was watching th 1st and 2nd episode, cause one of the female lead SUCK!!!! Her role sucks OMG. SUPER IRRITATING. Make me watch already very pek chek. Felt like giving up th show at some point, but i decided to carry on watching cause i have nth better to do! AHAHHA.


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