Dad’s Advance Birthday Dinner!!

My 아빠 birthday is tmr!!! HAHAHAH. Trying to act one “i-know-korean” but i just translated it from Google Translate. -_- Okay! So headed down to Toa Payoh for this famous zhi char stall with my family, aunt and coussie. :D

Stall name: Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant
Food we ordered: *It might scare you cause we ordered ALOT*
1. 2 plates of Sambal Kankong (YES 2!!!)
2. Sweet and Sour Prawns (placed into a Honeydew, LOL)
3. Herbal Chicken
4. Steam Profret
5. Mushrooms with Vegetables
6. Chilli Crab
7. Salted Egg Pork
(Names of dishes may not be accurate because i didnt read the menu, based on what i was told/ what i eat)

SO HOW WAS THE MENU? HAHAHAH! Can eat until you explode. Luckily, th staff didnt try to scam our money and gave us th right proportion in case we cant finish! (; Th drink stall auntie was also super cuteeeee~ She came to th table a few times to check with us if we needed any more drinks and she is always smiling! (; I like this kind of services. Although its not some ATAS place with aircon and all but th food, service and price is good.

Dishes that I recommend:
1. Salted Egg Pork!!! Its their “zhao pai chai” which is their House Specialty. SUPER AWESOME. Th pork is soft and tender!!! And the salted egg sauce is nice! :D Thumbs up up up!

2. Sambal Kang Kong. So, now you know why we ordered 2 plates! The chilli is awesome. :D

Dishes that I dont recommend:
1. Chilli Crab. Gravy is fine but th crab was meh. ); Meat is very soft!!!! Not worth it.

The rest of th dishes was okay. Th Herbal Chicken was recommend by th staff. Not really a fan/supporter of it though. HAHAHAH.

Didnt manage to take any pictures of th food cause we were all hungry and we ate th food once it came to our table!!! Overall, its a place i would recommend to you guys because its cheap and th service is good! Do remember to try their House Specialty Salted Egg Pork! No regrets. :D

So after dinz, we went to buy some Tau Huay!!! And as usual, DURIAN FLAVOR FOR ME!!! Mad love.

Oh forget to tell you guys i cut my hair!!!! AHHHHHH

HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Just kiddin. :P

Okay bye!


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