Wrap Up For Hotel Michael Stay.

Overall, th stay was quite enjoyable. :B All i know was that I have been staying in th room most of th time with my lil bro. So on th 2nd day, we headed down to Maxwell Road Hawker Centre early in th morn like 7:30am for breakfast! Century Egg Porridge!!! After breakfast, my father drop me and my bro and my parents headed out for a function or smth (My grandad’s bro’s wife’s children’s children – notice why its my grandad’s bro’s wife’s children birthday and not my grandad’s bro’s children cause its remarried; LOL complicated i know).

Okay, so after that they came back around evening for dinner! After dinner, we headed out. Bro and I alighted at Vivo and my parents went for Zhou Hua Jian’s concert. LOL!!!! WHY ARE MY PARENTS SCHEDULE SO PACK! So th two children went around and headed back to th hotel soon.

So, well on th last day we checked out and headed to Feng Shui Inn for dimsum! :D



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