My Unlucky Day

Woke up at 10:40am by bby! Its some rare case that he wakes up earlier than me okay. And its cause I slept later! Pfft. So woke up and watched TVD!!! Wee, handsome Damon of course. ^^ After that, I headed to the POSB ATM machine near my house to activate my DBS card cause I cant buy anything online without it!!! D: Reached the atm and realized I left the activation pin at home. So I headed back home and get the pin… And headed down to the atm again. BUT, the card could not be activated. Ohgawd. I called up DBS and the staff assist me with the activation. But still fail. So, she suggest me to head down to DBS for a card replacement. Hais. T.T Wasted trip.

Went home and went to search for Lenovo Service Centre cause I wanted to send my laptop for some servicing before school reopens! BUT. The service centre which was always on my mind was near expo. -_- But the actual one is at Upper Bukit Timah. Hais. The expo one belongs to IBM. WHY OH WHY. So I went to seek help from the online chat. Told the person all my problems and he asked me to update my BIOS. And I was like *lost*, cause just a update and he thinks all my problems are solved? Obviously not. He even share my screen and control my laptop, but problems still not fixed. Asked me some questions which I don’t even know what he is talking about. Lastly, he told me that I have to reinstall my Operating System or something. So okay… IT helpdesk ask me go to Lenovo and Lenovo ask me go to IT helpdesk. My laptop got so cui meh? Go here go there also cannot fix. T.T Haisss. Bad bad day.

Ohwell, booked an appointment for my hair on the 9th of April!!!! Gonna give my hair a cut, dye and treatment before the new sem starts! 3 days a week!!! WOOHOO. Got to add one day for FYP though. But ohwell, SAY BYE TO 5 DAYS A WEEK! WAHAHAHA


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