hihi! Been a few days since i left house. Woah. Like…1,2,3,4th day already!!!! So went to Changi City Point with my mum this evening. For those of you who have yet to go there, go visit it!! Its located just opposite Expo MRT station, good news for th EAST people!! SAY HOORAY! Although nothing really special about it even on my first visit. There’s a Cold Storage at th basement. Although i heard it was th largest in Singapore… but i seriously doubt so leh. Ohwell.

So.. i bought a total of 5 items today. ^^
ZA Energy Water ($12.50): Instantly refreshes your face

Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mouse ($23.90): Decided to give it a try cause i have used 2 tubes of the BB cream and i love it! (:

Loreal Curl Impact Collagene ($26.90):

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Polish Remover ($6):

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover ($6):

Actually im like a money waster. I got like 3/4 bottle left of Polish Remover at home but i just dont where i put it. -_-

Anw, thats all for my loots for th day! Bye. <3


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