Long Day Out!

HEHE. Finally met up with boyf. after much rotting at home. We decided to meet at Bishan for movie. However, he was like 30 mins earlier! So he went to have lunch while waiting for me! We went to DBS to settle our debit card issue. SO HAPPY, cause i cant purchase any single thing online without my card. Sobs. Who knows th agony of not able to buy anything? D: After that, we decided to catch “The Hunger Games” since so many people were so gaga about it. But tbh, after watching it, i find it so so only. Didnt like give me a very WOW kind of feeling.

After that, we took a train. Bishan (Yellow line) > Serangoon (Purple line) > Dhoby Ghaut (Yellow line) > Stadium (Yellow line). We were like going a big round because we didnt know where we should go / do. Initially he wanted to sing K, but i rejected!!! HAHAHAH. Im very demanding, iknow. LOL

Ohwell, as usual. This nice guy gave in to me. <: So, we went for a walk at Kallang Leisure Park (Stadium). There wasnt anything special there unless you wanna bowl/ movie/ ice skate etc. After that, we decided to head to Dakota for dinner! After a few rounds of walking, we settled down with Pork Ribs Noodle! After that, decided to have 51 Tau Huay instead of that all famous Lao Ban Tau Huay. Which i think is overrated! The queue like 2 words “KUA ZHANG” only. And every customer order like SPAM one. LOL. I chose th normal flavor instead of my all time favorite Durian cause i wanted a change.

HEHE, after dinner and our yummy dessert, I made him walk down to Paya Lebar! HAHAHA. Being demanding again. Although it was very hot, it was a very nice walk after dinner. :D We decided to train down to Tampines to get CD-R. However, it was out of stock! BOOHOO. So, we train down to Tanah Merah and walked back to my house area!!!! Waited for 506 with bby before i head home.

xoxo, mad loves. HAPPY DAY. *giggles*


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