Meet Up With Ai Lin! (:

First time we meet up after knowing each other for more than a year! HAHA. Classmates for Year 1 Sem 2, HAHA. Met at Orchard at 4pm and headed to have late lunch at The Asian Kitchen at Ion.

Milk Tea with Pearls

Longan Drink

Oyster Mee Sua

Fried Rice with Prawns

Ma La Duck

After food, we headed to Far East. So quiet there, LOL. Headed to Abercrombie and Fitch. When we were leaving th shop, one of th staff asked if we wanted a picture with th macho guy, but we said no! HAHAH, if only th dude is angmoh. D; Sighs. Ok, shall be back there next time for a pic with th macho angmoh!!! Pfft.

So, after that we decided to head down to Cine. Got my Hello Kitty Bumper (black) and two pastel color nail polish (purple and blue). Was deciding between th Black with Pink Ribbon bumper and Pink with With Ribbon Bumper. WHY. WHY NO PINK WITH PINK. D: So after that we headed to H&M and I bought 2 tops. LOL. AiLin said that th tops are ‘my style’ of clothings!!! HEEEHEE. Right, so we went to 313 Somerset to search for AiLin’s bf wallet. I think that Fossil has nice guys wallets!!! So headed to The Centrepoint for late dinner before we headed home!!!

YES, whole day at Orchard-Somerset area! HAHAHHA. Fun day with AiLin!!! ♥


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