Day Out

KEKE. Went out with Monkey and Beanie today! (; Been quite some time since we last met! Everyone EXCEPT ME all so busy! LOL! Im like th only free kid around can. No IEP, no FYP, no find job. Stay home rot and shake leg. :x

Headed to Bugis and had lunch with YJ cause when we were there, that monkey was still at home. Can you imagine this? Alamak. Walked a few rounds and decided to head to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at Bugis Junction. Food and price is okay! :D I love th Popping Pearls! So yummy leh. I know im slow because even RP sells them leh. >:

Shall show you guys some pic of th food we ordered: 

Look at th wide range of drinks! Spoiled for choices!!

Popping Babo Sour Plum Iceberg

Yingyong in HK Style

Cheese Baked Rice with Tuna Fish

Fried Hor Fun with Beef and Ginger

Look at th amount of ginger in my hor fun!

Bill was about $30. (; Heh.

So after lunch, went for a short walk at Bugis Street before that Monkey come! Went to Frolick before we trained down to City Hall. Around 8 plus, we headed to Fish & Co. for dinner. Everywhere is so pack! I guess its due to th weekends!

Soup of the day – Mushroom Soup

Kola Tonic

Passion Fruit

Chicken & Mushroom Cream Spaghetti

Grilled Atlantic Cod with Black Pepper Sauce (Chips, Homemade Coleslaw)

Grilled Pollock with Peri-Peri Sauce (Mashed Potato, Homemade Coleslaw)

 If you trust my taste, dont order the Grilled Atlantic Cod with Black Pepper Sauce. Cause… the black pepper sauce is too strong. Totally covered the whole fish taste. All you feel is th thick black pepper sauce. -_- Th passion fruit is nice though! ^^

So, bill sums up to around $90. Yummy. So after dinnz, we rushed down to Harvey Normal in case they close at 10pm! So YJ got his earpiece which was recommended by th staff. Eyyyy well, my standard of quality for earpiece is very low. None of my earpiece last long. Whether its from what brand. So yupp. -_-

Whats a blog post without my zilian pictures? Heh. Im well known for being zilian. *Self stabs*

Alright bye, till next time! xoxo.


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