First Day of The Sem!

Started my lesson on Tues! Monday and Thursday are off days for me! :B Super happy. Have been having 5 days a week lesson for th past 2 years (4 sems). And bby have been enjoying th last 2 sems with 4 days a week! Didnt know how shiok it is until i experience it myself.

Alright, so how was th first day of lesson for me? So so i guess. A few classmates are from my previous 2 sems (Xiu En, Viraj, Nurul, Zin, Taufiq, Darrel, Denise). So i guess it isnt that bad huh? So my faci is actually th module chair! Luckily he isnt some strict faci, sure very sian one. And lesson ended early! At around 2:55 eh!!! HAPPY (:

So i waited for bby for his lesson to end! Howard tompang us to bby’s house. Heh. :D My fyp teammate eh. ^^ Yet to meet my other fyp teammate, Santia or smth. *Idk how to spell her name*. So yupp, headed down to Tamp. Popeyes for dinnz! Yummy food.

Alright back to topic, Thurs and Fri lesson i will have diff classmates again. D: How sad. I guess one of th module will be with Year 2s. D: lesigh. Feel kind of nervous leh. Keep change class, very hard to bond. One week i only see each class once. Alamak. ‘

Ohwell, a photo i took before lesson in class <:

And lastly to end off this post, i will show you guys my new nails for th sem! HAHA. (;


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