Its the 24th again! ♥

Daboy skipped school today. Tell me this is not the start of his lazy routine! Pfft :< Cabbed over to his house when my lesson ended! Intended to watch The Vow but i dont feel like watching it! :B Headed down to Tamp at around 8 plus for dinnz. Yummz. Hungry me! Decided to settle down at Swensens.

The food was… meh. *pukes*

Meatballs in Pepper Sauce; which is not bad. But you can get something of the same standard at Ikea. But its considered damn good compared to my super meh baked rice.

Chicken Baked Rice; It was tagged under the All-time Favourite lah, but wtf. Super meh i tell you. Even White Tang/ Pizza Hut baked rice would easily take over this. Its super bland like for some sick kid to eat one.

Hot and Spicy Fish Baked Rice. I suggested bby to order this over the Curry Chicken Baked Rice because i thought that th Curry Chicken Baked Rice is a lil too common. Like Pizza Hut etc. also have them. But OHNOOOO, he didnt like th Hot and Spicy Fish Baked Rice. D: Sobs. I didnt try th dish lah, so idk. But i trust his taste kay! So meh.

Ice Chocolate Float also tagged as the All Time Favorite. But WORSE MEH DRINK LAH. I barely drank 1/3 of it pls. Pfft.

Sweet as Berries which is a strawberry flavored sparking drink which is also tagged as the All Time Favorite. And bby like it!! ^^

So th day has ended! Tune really flies and we have already got together for 16 months and we have been through alot with each other. Glad that we are still together despite of our ups and downs. I am happy that he is always there for me despite everything that happened. xoxo, loves.


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