Random stuffs

नमस्ते *reads Hello in Hindi*. Sooooooo, it has been quite some time since i blog! And im gonna do a really random post on all th new shit i got recently!!!

So, firstly. i bought some accessories online. For people who know me, im a crazy fan of accessories!!! (Hairbands, bracelets, earrings, necklace, earstuds). I just cant get enough of them! One fine day, i decided to add 5 more items to my bracelet collection! And this was how i thought it would look like:

And…. this was how it ACTUALLY look like! *It looks worse in real-life, I SWEAR* );
When i was editing the photo, i thought it didnt look VERY MUCH diff, just lousy lighting and camera skills of mine. BUT when i look at th item real life, only ONE word can describe the items: HAIS.

Sad me. D: I really wasn’t at all over-exaggerating. Cant express how sad i was cause was REALLY looking forward to receive them.

And 4/5 of the items i bought were tagged under th “hit item”, but omg seriously? Too many people like me got scammed by th pictures already lah!

Okay, so next up. Is…. the 1st Generation bumpits. Let me tell you my story. A few months back, i decided to get th 2nd Generation bumpits cause its out!!! YAY. So… received it and BOOM. Idk how to use them. Whenever i tried it, it just eats my hair! Like omg. It pulled out so much of my hair alr cause of th velcro on it. == So, i decided to get th 1st Generation one recently. Very lol i know, because i dont think anyone will degrade themself like that. == iPhone 4s is released but you rather get iphone 3s. LOL?

Lastly, Crystal Collagen Eye Mask which was recommended by 大 S.

Before i end off this post, 2 photos of myself in the early morning on the way to school for my 8am lesson. :D


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