Movie Date: Avengers

안녕하세요 *Reads Hello in Korean*. So.. headed down to Changi City Point to meet bf. in th evening cause he wanted to catch The Avengers!!!! Booked th ticket online cause its always pack somehow, eventhough th show is alr release for more than a week now. ==

Been quite a long time since we last went out on a weekend? Cause tbh, i just HATE going out on weekends. Th human traffic is like ==. Sighs.

Decided to head to The Asian Kitchen at Changi City Point for dinnz. But, somehow the interior, menu and food etc. were quite diff from th The Asian Kitchen i went with AiLin. So here are th pictures! :B

After dinnz, decided to collect our ticket at th AXS machine before we head down to Tamp. for th movie!

WARNING: If you enjoyed watching this movie, you can stop reading from here. :D

So… gonna start my complains!!!! Ohgod. Throughout the whole movie, i yawn-ed like more than 10 times?  I was checking my watch constantly to check when is th show going to end. I was looking all around me when i hear the people laughing at th scene. Sigh… I guess im th only one who didnt enjoy th movie. Lol. Was expecting something more than just this cause everyone’s review on it was like awesome, awesome and MORE AWESOME. == zz. When i dont see any much difference from this movie and th other hero movies. Its like th same plot leh. Bad guy comes in movie, and thn at th last part of th movie, th hero defeat th bad guy! ohwow…. Amazing. Its either im not normal for not liking a show that everyone (seems to be) likes OR its just not my kind of show AT ALL.

Okay fine, thats all for my complains.

Anyway, fun day with my bf and appreciate him making all his way to th East side for my convenience. HEEHEE. *sends flying kiss* 


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