Smth to cheer myself up.

Last night. My mum offered to pay for my trip to korea!!!! Her office will be having their annual holiday trip at th end of th yr to either korea or sri lanka. But most prob it will be korea. Mum offered to bring me along and she wanna extend th trip cause most of th time her office trip only a few days.

Last yr thy went japan and its only for like 5 days? If i nt wrong. Like what th.. So damn short. So my mum extended for one more week and went to walk with her collegue. So cool omg!!! But due to th exchange rate that time, things are quite ex so she didnt manage to get many stuffs back.

Was quite shock cause her office trip always very ex one!!! Like 2k plus for a few days trip? Cause of tour and will be taking Singapore Airlines and stuff. Somemore she wanna extend. Must cost her a bomb. But yay omg!!!! <3 my dad wont be going this time cause he say we went to korea bfr alr. Hahahah my bro wont be going too! She didnt pffer to spon him! Hahaha but its cause he doesnt shop, doesnt look at scenary or anything. He only play his computer games… -.-

Yay cant wait!!! Smth for me to look forward to i guess. :B hope it doesnt clash with my school days ): if nt i might have to give it a miss since its quite long. Nooooo. ): *prays hard*

Omg so enthu whn she told me this. Gonna shop shop shop. Buy buy buy. And spam pictures!!!! Cause th other time i went thr was a few yrs ago alr. ):


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