I love you! <3

Hi lovely readers. Realized i didnt blogged abt my 17 months with bby and my Prize Collection~. So im gonna blog while that pigggg is still sleeping. <3

24th May:
Had FYP meeting after school. T.T HAHAHA, but after it ended we decided to head down to Civic Centre Library to eat cakeeeee. You may be thinking “WTF? Library? You kiddin bro?”. HAHAH but cause it was peak hr at that time, so we assume Starbucks and all gonna be packed ); So we chose th cafe at Lib! Smart move okay! Alright, so we both ordered brownie!!

Although no fight with Starbucks one. BUT its still very yummy cause bby paid for it! {: Am i sweet or whattttt? He decided to accompany me to Paya Lebar cause i was supposed to wait for my parents to pick me up thr. BUT, ended up i went home myself. T.T Poor bby and I was roaming around Paya Lebar having nth to do. D;

25th May:

My favorite one!!!!

Bby skipped school as usual and my lesson ended at 12! (: Wanted to collect my prize myself. But, bby offered to accompany me! <: Lucky girl or whatttt? He went to CWP with his mum for lunch and met me at Woodlands and his mum went off whn i came. <3  So we headed to…. Braddel! YAY.

So this is my prizeeee: Bio Essence Tanaka White Series

Notice why there is 2 pictures of th same thing? Th 1st one is taken by me! And th 2nd taken by bby! I think mine is better ok! Light reflection nt so jialat!!! HAHAHAH. What do you think? :B

After that, we headed to a few places. (Braddel > Junction 8 > Nex > Junction 8). Initially wanted to catch a movie, but th timing wasnt very right and you know me, i will twist and turn here and there cause i dont really like watching movies.
HAHAHAH, and i won. oops. ><

Bby decided to get a new screen protector for his phone though which i think is super chiooo~

Pontian for dinner. Super long time since we ate that!!! Muahahha. After that, bby headed home and i went to MBS to stay with my family. hiakhiak.

Okay thats all. Bye readers!


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