Trendy Parents

y,know im like soooo jealous of teenagers arnd my age who have trendy parents. Ive always been one who stalks people’s blog. And i notice alot of those that i stalk their parents all very steady one leh. ); Their child’s bday, th parents steady go pub and all. Ive seen plenty man. Friends and their parents tgt celebrate their birthday. Like awesome only leh.

I mean.. maybe you dont need parents that are that open? But at least open… Sighs. Ive always wanted to go on holiday trips with my friends/ bf etc. But i dont think i’ll get th chance to? My parents wouldnt allow lah ); Not even to JB for 1 day? -_-

Not being mean here, but im 19 this yr. ); Abit…. getting old alr but i still dont have th freedom that people has.. I wanna take like super alot of pictures with all these little trips. So next time when i look back, i have wonderful memories.

Like when i look at th life they have, everything is so good. Supportive parents, supportive bff, freedom, awesome bf. Like what more can they ask for?

Okay just some ranting. Bye.


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