Judgmental People

Hi everyone! I have been spamming 女人我最大 recently and watched one of the episode of 女人我最大 earlier in th day.

And i thought of something to blog about, to all those guys who like to say they love natural beauty. _|_ Come on, who dont? I mean like if youre born with sharp and beautiful features, good complexion etc. Wouldnt life be awesome? But come on lah, everyone has flaws. Im not suggesting and say we MUST apply make up. But dont judge everyone who does? Th definition of beauty varies for everyone. This girl might be super pretty to me, but not to someone else. So why judge? You very handsome/ pretty? Come on leh. Plus, i dont think guys who apply makeup is gay. Like who on earth says makeup can only be applied on females? As long as you dont overdo it, i dont see anything wrong with it leh.

People who apply make-up and you dont call them gay. WHY??? Cause they are celebrity? Come on lah, if they are not doing shoots etc. i believe they have put on makeup too. Cause they are too used to it alr.

But someone normal applies makeup, and you call them gay. Come on.

This is Taeyang without makeup. You sure you still think he is VERY VERY handsome? Come on lah, he look just like any typical person can.

I hate it when they see a girl applying make up and guys will say:

Would you prefer the one WITH makeup or the one WITHOUT?

You put make up, they will say “Oh, you put too much make up alr..” And when you dont put, they judge you. _|_

So what is too much make up?

So, you love natural beauty ey? Next time on your wedding day, ask your wife dont apply any makeup lo. THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU LIKE NATURAL BEAUTY?

You have no right to say girls should not apply any make up and go the natural beauty style when you would obviously go for hot and pretty girls that apply make up. All th judgmental people. Damn sickening.

Look at how th guys are all so crazy when they saw the girls without make up and they go “诈骗集团..” and all th bullshit.


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