Meticulous Boyfriend <3

As th title says, i actually have a very meticulous boyfriend! Not sure if this is th correct term to describe, but i asked my bf and he says so! So i will choose to believe him <3

So, why i say so? So today’s break, i was talking to him about smth called “Boyfriend Tag” cause ive been watching quite a few bloggers doing a vlog on this! So… i decided to ask him some questions and see if he can answer them!

So for those who still dont know what a boyfriend tag is, is it basically asking your bf a few questions and see if he can answer them correctly!

And th result was…. very shocking!!!!!

Some questions that i ask him (not in order):

What is my favourite drink?
His Answer: You dont have one.
Correct Answer: Yes, that is right!!! I dont have one. I would usually order Ice Milo or Ice Lemon Tea but dont have one in particular.

What is my dream car?
His Answer: Volkswagen Beetle.
Correct Answer:  Yes!!! Volkswagen Beetle. <3

Coke or pepsi?
His Answer: Err pepsi.
Correct Answer:  Its actually none! HAHAH cause i dont like gas-sy drinks now. BUT he say if th ans is none thn shouldnt ask this question! HAHAHA but if i were to choose between th 2, its pepsi. So correct i guess?

What is my favourite vegetable?
His Answer: Eggplant
Correct Answer:  YESSSS. Brinjal is my fav!!! I love Sambal Kang Kong, and Broccoli and Tau Guey *im sorry i forgotten what its called in English* too.

And i think that is all. HAHAHA. And he amazingly get all of them correct! Wonder why i say its amazing? Because i think he takes notice of lil things! Like my fav vegetables, i dont think ive told him bfr th exact one that i like! Cause i love vegetables HAHAHAH.

And… my fav drink! This answer from him was th most shocking! I was guessing he would choose Lemon tea or Ice milo cause i always order this 2, but he said i dont have a fav drink! And i was like “OMG? How he know one!!!!”. So i asked him, and he say that i myself dont even know what is my fav drink.

Omg so cuteeee, like how come so sweetttt <3 Ahhh, that made my day. I will think of more questions and ask him another day! Will post th results again! <:


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