How does your dream home/ room look like?

For me, ive ALWAYS wanted my room to have different “levels”. Th kind of mini stairs (2-3 steps) to another section of th room. LOVE THAT DESIGN. But unfortunately, i tried a few software and unable to make that. ); Its too hard for me. T.T BUT, i still came out with a room template!

Not a dream room for myself, but a dream room if i were to stay tgt with my future bf! HAHAHAH.

I would try again to make my own dream room so that years later, i can read back my blog and see how my dream room would look like when i was a teenager!!!

Not bad huh! It looks kinda simple. But took me more than an hr just to come up with that. T.T ohgawd. LOL.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my kind of dream home/room from Google! :B

There are not according in order of my favourite. But.. i think coming up with my dream home would be ex. Cause i always wanted my room to be SUPER big with tons of section (toilet, study, dressing etc.) HAHAHAH. Im greedy, i know.

Okay bye <3


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