Dinnz with family!


Long time since my family dine out for dinner together!! Dad suddenly came up with th idea in th evening cause he said he saw many people dining at this particular coffee shop and th food seems good. So we decided to give it a try, it is a coffee shop located near our house (Opp. Tanah Merah MRT).

Forgotten to take pictures of th food. :/ But this are th 4 dishes we ordered:
1. Chilli Crab
2. Braised Pork Leg
3. Shrimp Paste Chicken
4. Sambal Kang Kong

I think th food there is pretty good and pretty cheap, th bill is about $100. ^_^ The coffee shop isnt very cramp, so this is a plus point. I hate those squeeze and stuffy coffee shops, eat alr also xin ku.

Supposedly, I should be with Le Xin and Charlene at Timbre Substation, but i gave it a missed. ); Will join them th next time round!!! (;

Anw, im really really busy with my fyp. T.T sighs…. had FYP meeting yesterday and th advisor told me to redo so many pages!!! LIKE WHUT???? Just whn i thought i was about to complete my part of th fyp, i need redo. FML seriously.

Okay, so bye! <3


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