Arrival of iFace <3

Hi pals!!!!! Guess who arrive at my door today? YES, MY LONG AWAITED iFACE <3

Had some trouble deciding which color i want cause look at th 11 colors! All so awesome!!!!

Decided to get th baby pink one, cause im into pastel colors recently!!!! And i told my bf to get one too, he gt th black one! A pity that my dear WJ isnt using iphone 4/4s so i couldnt ask her to get one with me.

Whats good:
– Good grip!!! I dont know why but it feels very sturdy in my hands. I like that feeling.
– Nice color!!!
– Card compartment provided!!!

Whats bad:
– Slightly bulky (But ok for me since my phone is in my bag, but dont think my bf can put his phone in his jeans front pocket cause its too fat!!! Like me. T.T)
– Power off button VERY hard to press. T.T (this is one major dislike siah!!!!! wlao. If not it’d be awesome. )


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