My experience with HIGHLIGHTERS

HELLO lovely readers! <3 Decided to come up with a post since my 2nd last UT have ended today! ^_^

As th title says, this post will be on me and highlighters! Highlighters have been a really good buddy of mine, cause im really a “notes” kind of person, ever since Secondary school. Every exam, i will prepare notes. And notes = need for highlighters!

So… this is how my story goes:

In th beginning of my secondary school years, my notes (handwritten) will be filled with colors! (Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange) on every page!!! * I know this sounds insane*. Thinking back, i think im mad. -_- It makes my notes really confusing and just distract me! I wonder what was i even thinking that time.

As time pass, its either technology improved? Or i turn smarter? Or i became a less IT noob? One of th reason somehow, my notes are turned from handwritten… to computerized! HAHAHAHHA.

Towards the end of my secondary years (probably arnd S3-S4?), my notes are filled with YELLOW!!!! I stopped using all th colored ones and decided to just spam yellow. And well, one more weirdo move, almost all of th words in my notes are highlighted in YELLOW!!!! -_- Okay, because as i was doing my notes, i already summarize, so to me, ALL of th lines are important. LOLLOLLOL! And now thinking back, i wonder how would strangers look at me when they saw my notes.

Stranger: “What da hell is wrong with this person? Highlight every word might as well dont highlight. -_- RETARD! ”

HAHAHAHHAHA. Seriously. That move of mine came to an end not very long ago. Probably at th end of my year 2 poly life.

So yes, now. I guess im normal? HAHAH. I am more open with th colors. Any colors will do, but i just stick to using 1-2 colors per notes and i no longer highlight every words!!!! Yes, only at my poly year 3 that i became a normal person. == Practically, i guess i am more flexible of th colors i use because i just dont want to waste my highlighters! I practically spammed too many yellow in th past and many of them have “died” on me.

This is a photo of my “dead” yellow highlighters! (This lasted me only from poly yr2 sem 1 to poly yr2 sem 2). See how much i have wasted in just ONE year. );

AND WELL!!! One more thing to share. In primary school, my hobby/ collection are actually…… highlighters? YOUR HEAD LAH. Its stationaries. My love for stationaries was very loyal! Even up till my secondary school days. And its still in me now! Just now as xrazy anymore. HAHAHA. I was that in love with them, that my best friend in primary school actually bought me a pencil case filled with stationaries. OMG, i can still remember how happy i was smiling at it. (Yes, i am mad). But ahhhh, memories. <3

So flashback time!!!

I remember owning all of these:

Major love this! Erasable highlighter! Whoops. 

HAHHAHA, okay thats all for now!!! BYEEEEE


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