Its an addiction! (♥)

Hi beautiful world! (;

Today’s blog post gonna be my short make-up haul from Changi City Point! YAYYYYYY. Not much talking, just pictures ok! ^_^


Maybelline HyperSharp Liner ($19.90)

 Loreal Instant Impact Felt Liner ($19.90)

Za Liquid Eyeline ($18.50)

Maybelline Liquid Extreme Double Stretch ($18.90)

Ive been using Gel Eyeline for quite some time now and decided to switch back to liquid eyeliner for awhile. Decided to try th Maybelline mascara cause ive seen quite good reviews on it! Although my Loreal Curl Impact Collagene one is doing good! So Maybelline better not disappoint me!

Okay thats all for my addiction for makeup! BYEEEEEE.

Btw, ALL of th pictures above EXCEPT for th once one is taken from google. ^_^


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