Sun with Moon.

Realised i didnt blog about my trip to Sun with Moon with gang to celebrate Charlene’s bday!

I mean gang cause……

HAHAHHAHA! We are like th gossip gang pls. LOLLLLL

So yupp, it was Charlene’s actual birthday that day and we had IT Security UT2. Initially we wanted to go to Skinny Pizza. But somehow we changed plan! LOLLLL, it doesnt really matter cause both i also never go bfr. *grins* So anyone is also good! (;

Oh anyway, supposing to have Jasmine! But she had to go for FYP meeting, so couldnt join us.

Shall let th pictures do th talking ok!

We saw Foyce Le Xuan thr~~!!

In case you dont know who she is! 

And well before i continue with th pictures, gonna share with you all smth! Im th last one to decide on what food i want to eat! ); Like it is ALWAYS me.

Kelsey and Le Xin’s Grape Soda

My kyoho peach soda with fruits

Kelsey’s chirashi don

Le Xin’s 


My chirashi don

Birthday girl with her birthday cake! 

Red Velvet cake from The Coffee Bean

Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Look at what Charlene did to th brownie! :<

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place,Singapore

Okay you can stop reading from here, or you can continue if you wanna see my zilian pic! HAHAHAH


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