FYP Evaluation and Total Recall

Dont wanna brood much over my evaluation, cause it isnt a very smooth one. For most of th team members (including me). Actually 3/4 of th whole team had a tough time? And we sort of exceeded th 1hr limit cause th evaluators just had so many questions. Seriously, if i can.. i would give her a punch. == Her questions are all targetting at th codes. And.. whats worse. Codes that are not done by us like plugins, javascripts etc.? FML. Or maybe FOL.

Sighs. Okay, thats all i have to say. I really pray hard my next FYP i wont kena her. She is th legendary 披着羊皮的狼. Smiling and all but once she opens her mouth, she shoot liao == ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Omg!

So after that, gt a lift from Howard to Marymount MRT and bf and I headed to Bishan to catch Total Recall!

Not a very good show i would say, because half way through i slept. I dont know. But th first half of th show really kept me excited and all, bt it just keep dragging and dragging and doesnt want to end! Th whole show took 2 hours and i seriously dont know whats th ending except th male lead is still alive together with the second female lead. What happened in between i seriously had no idea. Even my bf said th show was too long and draggy. So, if youre one who will fall asleep easily dont bother to watch! You will end up like me! Wake up and feel lost. HAHAHAHA.



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