Gonna do a short post on all my buys that i have received/ bought recently! HEEHEE. SO HAPPY like OMG! And i received a mail that my Taobao stuffs have arrived! OHYEAH!!!! How much happier can i get? I think one of my fav past times is to just shop EVENTHOUGH i always complain that im broke. Thanks to all of my shopping addiction. Im not really a go-out kind of person so i dont really spend much but what has online shopping did to all of my money? Eat like free one. D:

Okay, without further a do….. (if thats how ppl spell it)

Received on 14.08.12:

Missha Perfect Concealer – Light Beige

Missha Under Eye Brighter – Light Beige

Charcoal Toothbrush

Received on 15.08.12:

Sesalo Real Aqua Waterdrop Cream

Bought on 17.08.12:

Nivea Daily Essentials Shine Control Facial Wash

Bought on 19.08.12:

Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Maybelline Master Liner $11.90

Loreal Super Liner Duo Smoky Eye Designer

Za Ever Brows – 01 Natural Brown

Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Loreal Super Liner Luminizer – Hazel Eyes ($21.90)

Loreal Super Liner Luminizer – Blue Eyes ($21.90)

I know i know, so not my style in getting a eye liner that aint black. I decided to try th purple and blue one! *grins*. Ive tried th sample and th color isnt those very obvious and kuazhang kind so i decided to gave them a try. Dont know why it seems like so many ppl using brown eyeliner cause thy say black is too harsh. hmm… bt i always wanted those yue black yue hao (th blacker th better). Ohwell, perhaps thats just me! :p

Couleur Inc Eyeborw Pencil – 03 Natural Brown ($10.90)

Za Liquid Eyeliner ($18.50)

Cezanne Smooth Loose Powder

Ive seen pretty good reviews on this brand (Cezanne) so i decided to try their loose powder since im kinda bored of mine. ;/

Loreal Open Eyes Pro – 03 Beige Harmony ($22.90)

Seen super alot reviews on this eye shadow set so decided to give it a try. Im not really a eye shadow person, but once in awhile shall go for a little change right? Im kinda sick of my same old makeup routine and face alr. );

Hello Kitty 3D Nail Sticker ($1.95)

Ahhh, talking about this Hello Kitty stickers ive already tried them! Im not really a artistic/ patient person so it didnt really turn out that fantastic, bt still acceptable! So if you bought these stickers do rmb to apply top coat! You dont want them to peel off that easily right!

So well, here’s my take! (;

Loose Powder Brush

Lifebuoy Antibacteria Body Wash

Okay, so this are all of th items i got! Will blog about my virgin taobao experience once i collect them! AHHHH, cant wait already. <3

Disclaimer: MOST of th pictures are not mine, taken by Google cause im too lazy and dont have th pro photography skills! :B


4 thoughts on “HAUL HAUL HAUL!

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