Yayoiken at Bugis+

A short meet up with Charlene and Le Xin for dinner @ Yayoiken at Bugis+.

Address: 201 Victoria Street, #01-02 Bugis+ Singa[pre 188067
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Mine: Pork Mix Toji Set (Sliced pork, fried prawn and pork cutlet topped with egg set) $13.90

Charlene: Katsu Don + Zaru Udon (Pork cutlet and scrambled egg rice bowl with cold udon) $14.9

Le Xin : Mix Toji Set (Sliced beef, fried prawn and pork cutlet topped with egg set) $13.90

So after dinner, we walked around and there was Dockers Fashion Show! WOOHOO TO SHUAI GE!!!!

There are quite a few pictures so i made it into a slide show but cant upload th file here dk why so….click on th link to watch th slideshow i created ok! : Dockers Fashion Show

After that, we headed to Bugis Street!!! And… there is a very cute shop!!! If youre looking for some cute and customised candies, you can visit them!

Why support them? The candies are specially prepared by th deaf and hearing impaired. 

Address: 4 Bugis Street #03-121 Singapore 188869
Website: http://www.90s.com.sg
Opening hours: 11:45 am – 9.30pm

TATA, thats all lovelies! Bye <3


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