Will be moving off from here

Hi all, unfortunately this will be my farewell post. I will be moving over to http://veldaxx3.blogspot.sg/ to continue blogging due to th many restrictions of WordPress.com 

Hope all you readers will continue supporting my blog at th other site! (; Will be more than happy to put up more post and once again a BIG THANK YOU to all of my supportive readers! Very glad and grateful!!!! 

See ya at http://veldaxx3.blogspot.sg/ (; Bye <3


Deciding to move away from here.

Im deciding to move away from wordpress.com for real this time. ;Z

Too many restrictions at wordpress.com but i wanna customise my own blog so so much. );

Deciding between wordpress.org and blogspot.com. Any recommendations for me?


Our Trip to Swee Choon

Managed to visit Swee Choon this time round with Charlene and Billy after our failed attempt th other day! I was late so Charlene and I ended up running our way from Bugis to Swee Choon in less than 10 minutes. AHAHA zai or what!

Website: http://www.sweechoon.com/index.html
Location: 183/185/187/189/191 Jalan Besar Singapore 208882
Contact Number: 62257788
Email: admin@sweechoon.com
Business Hours: Mo- Sun 6pm-6am (Close on Tues)
Payment Mode: Cash and NETS


Barley Drink ($1.80)

Ice Lemon Tea ($1.80)

Soya Bean Drink ($1.80)

Soya Bean + Grass Jelly ($1.80)

Yam Fritter ($2.00)

Yam Fritter

Portuguese Egg Tart ($3.00)

Chee Cheong Fun ($1.80)

Chee Cheong Fun

Beancurd Prawn Roll ($2.80)

Swee Choon Mee-Suan Kueh ($2.00)

Swee Choon Mee-Suan Kueh

Red Bean Paste Pancake ($4.80)

Red Bean Paste Pancake

Plain Noodle in Onion and Oil ($3.00)

Shanghai Xiao Long Pau ($4.00)

Shanghai Xiao Long Pau

Steamed Chicken with Egg ($2.50)

Har Kow ($2.20)

Har Kow

Steamed Pork Ribs ($2.50)

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($3.30)

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun

After dinnz, Billy went home cause he was tired from work! Charlene and I went to tour around Bugis and spent most of th time at Watsons! So happy! HAHAHAHA.

I bought dental floss to try as they were selling at really cheap price! Watsons having some sales now so you all should go down to make your purchases!

Once again, we took th same bus back!!!! ^_^ Happykid93.

Charlene gave me birthday presents btw! ^_^Wheeps!

Royce Chocolates

So kawaii!!!! Realise this boxes can dismantle one!!!!

Super yay!!!!! Hello Kitty and accessories are so loved!!!!!!!! 

Ending off this post with 2 pictures of me,

Bye lovely people! <3