A Day Filled With Food Part 2

Hi everyone!! Today was a very busy day. BUSY EATING! ._. Gonna gain like 5kg AHAHHAHA

Went to Bedok Market Place with my parents for breakfast in th morning. I guess thats th legendary Simpang Bedok that everyone have been telling me about? Super LOL because i didnt know that place was Simpang Bedok. Been there a couple of times alr.

Reached home from breakfast and i went to prepare to head out alr. Guess who i went to meet? My dear dear Wei Jin th monkey. ♥ So we headed to a new place, Wild Honey @ Scotts Square. Super nice place and i would sure visit it again!

Location: Scott’s Square
Address: 6 Scoot’s Road, 3rd Floor
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Sunday – Thursday), 9am – 10pm (Friday, Saturday and Eve of PH)
Phone Number: 6636 1816

Its better to call for reservation esp. on weekends because th place is very pack so you wouldnt have to wait for too long! We didnt make any reservations and were told to wait for 45 mins – 1 hr but wad called up after 30 mins! And we got a super good spot! So cozy!!!! ♥♥♥ Lucky us.

Spiced Berry

Egyptian Hibiscus Tea

Santa Fe: Two warm tortilla parcels filled with sharp cheddar and zesty tomato and japapeno salsa each topped with friend egg and finished with sour cream, char-grilled corn kernels, diced avocado, red onions and tomatoes. 

Californian: Egg white softly scrambled with tofu, fresh herbs, red, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms, scallions on chargrilled ciabatta.

After we parted, i head down to my aunt’s house for my home-cooked 8 course meal! ♥ HAHAHAH

My home-cooked 8 course meal ♥



Cereal Prawns


Double-boiled Soup

Steamed Fish



Oreo Cheesecake

Red packet from aunt

Save th best for th last isnt it? Whats more awesome than a handmade present from your dearest friend? LOVE YOU!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Red Velvet Cupcakes from My Dear Monkey ♥

Thats all th food for today! And in case you miss my face…..

Bye everyone! 


Ted th Teddy Bear

Hey there! Bf accompanied me to IBM Service Centre @ Changi Park to service my laptop cause it has like 955214596192 amount of problems. Luckily i wrote all th problems on a list of paper so i dont have to say it out one by one. HAHAHAH! Have to bear for 3 working days without my laptop. Super sobs.

After that, we went to search for food and decided to settle down at Texas. First time there for both of us. Nothing special abt th food though. HAHA, bt bf likes th mash potato thr. I think anywhere that has mash potato he will like one. School canteen, 7-11, KFC, Popeyes and now Texas. HAHAHAH. We ordered Spicy Tex Supreme Doubles Meal ($12.20)

So after that, we decided to head down to Tamp. GV to catch Ted @ 7.15pm. Major hate cause th dude in front of me keep coughing!!!! Urgh ); And there were people in th front rows keep leaving their seat. Major dislike. But okay, back to th show, it was better than expected!!!!

Description: As the result of a childhood wish, John Bennett’s teddy bear, Ted, came to life and has been by John’s side ever since – a friendship that’s tested when Lori, John’s girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship.

Ratings: 4.5/5

*Spoiler alert* HAHAHAH fav part got to be Ted calling th fatty kid Susan Boyle? AHAHHAH! OMG. And th last part i guess. Fatty kid slims down and become Taylor from Twilight? Ohgod.

Yeaps, so thats just th 2 points im gonna share from th movie. Go catch it! Its nice and worth th watch even if youre not  a big fan of cartoon/ comedy or whatever. Cause initially i thought i wouldnt like it as well. Thats why my bf always say that i dont give th show a chance and decided to nt watch them! LOLLLLLL

Right, so after movie, we decided to head down to Bedok for dinz!

Thats all for th day! Bye all

The Possession (2012) Movie

Headed to town to meet Pricia and Shuo Feng. Decided to settle down for brunch at Astons @ Centre Point.

After that headed down to The Cathay to catch The Possession at 3.15pm (Shuo Feng’s treat)

Description: A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl’s father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

Rating: 3.5/5. I think it is not as bad but nt very nice either. Prefer Paranormal Activity better! Geez.

After movie, we slacked at Starbucks!!! A long time since i went to Starbucks alr! LOLLLLL

After that, train-ed down to Yuying’s backgate to accompany SF for his dinz and meet Don after he book out!

Went to SF’s temple for a walk before we head down to find Ed to slack! Bought Little Bean’s tau huay!!!! Woohoo~Long time since ive had tauy huang (new version). And also long time since i met Ed! Like 2 yrs? LOL!!!!!!

And than, Ed treated us to this yummy Grilled Squid Seaweed. 

Tata, lots of photo for today’s post ey? AHHAHAH bye <3

Bread Making Attempt Part 1

Like what th header says, its my bread making attempt part 1! HEEHEE, not very successful in terms of appearance but it taste nice! ): Gonna try a different one another day.

So anw, this is th recipe im using! (;

Whole process is 3 hours! :O Damn long!!!! But ohwell,

And finally……. TIMES UP!

End result!

The inside not that bad right! Th taste is much better than its appearance ok! HAHAHHAH.


Time for Another Mini Haul!

Hello everybody! Time for a short post on my recent buys! <3

Secret Key BB Cream

Cezanne Products (So in love with Cezanne products recently!)

Cezanne Smooth Loose Powder

Cezanne Foundation and Refill Pack

Cezanne Concealer

HAHAHAHHA after buying makeup, i bought a few random items for fun. LOLLLLLLLL

Pink Scissors with Casing

Scissors with different cutter? (Really suitable for children, look at th blade, its nt even metal!)

Pink Stanza

Random Stanza

Heehee, thats all for my random buys recently! <3

Next, imma gonna intro you all a new Youtube channel that i found like 10 mins ago!

Subscribers: 70253
Video views: 11,834,211
Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/JinnyboyTV

For those of you who are into Oppa Gangnam Style, maybe you can check out their KL Style? HAHAHAH


Idoh – A Mongrel in a HDB Flat

Came across this video just now, and it was really sad. With 84% of th population living in HDB, how can big dogs not be allowed? Dont understand why do people even complain to HDB, when th owner have already take so many measures and precaution by taking th dog out for a walk when there is not much people, wear a muzzle etc. If th dog is making a scene every single day, giving trouble to the neighbours, biting people, fair enough. Probably th dog isnt suitable to stay in that area. But come on, people complaining just for keeping a non-approved breed. Jason (owner of dog) only earns $2000 a month, you cant expect him to buy a condominium just to follow those rules set by HDB. All th people who made th complain really very fcked up, nothing better to do? Or simply just have nth to do?

Saw this comment on a forum: “We must not forget that not everyone are dog lovers and we must respect other people’s sentiments about dogs.  I live in a HDB myself and I have heard the barking of big dogs.  Some people are obviously keeping big dogs illegally in their flats.  The barking noise is very annoying even for an animal-lover like me.  Plus, I also find large pieces of dog poo on the ground when I take my dog for walks in the morning.”

True enough, but what makes you think small dogs’s barks are not annoying? And what makes you think small dog poo is very small that it does not dirty th environment? One small shit from small dog * 10 day = One big shit from big dog liao buh? Come on lah. Dont understand why there are owners that are so irresponsible as well. Its all these irresponsible owners who dont clear their dog’s poop that made it seems like every big dog is a “bad dog”.

“actually…i feel that big dogs don’t bark as much as small dogs…they won’t bark continously (my personal opinion). those dogs that bark in my neighbourhood are small dogs and its super high pitch…. ” – SEE!!!! It does not mean that small dogs’s barks are nothing compared to big dogs.

“i feel that, even HDB allow big dogs, i also wun keep one. because i think its uncomfortable for them to confine in such a small place. unless i stay in terrece, with a small garden, else, it will be a torture for the dog.” – I agree, but well. What if th dog is happier in that small confine place? You rather put that dog in a big home with garden, with swing with everything for th dog luxury, but a unhappy and sad dog? It has th same logic as money is not everything and money cant buy happiness. True that, money can make wonders and is important. But does not mean that you have no money, you cant provide th dog with happiness?

So back to th video, I saw some comments from th Youtube video and i find it SUPER true.

“So if one day my neighbour makes a lot of noise I can send a complain to HDB for the removal of my neighbour?” – YES, can we? Seriously. My neighbour (living next door) owns a big dog and i have another neighbour living opp. my house. That neighbour (both husband and wife) have been shiuting at their maid for almost every single day? And I barely hear my neighbour’s dog bark. That neighbour is giving me more trouble than my neighbour’s dog leh. I can complain him ah? Say he not suitable stay here, he need stay in another atas place.. maybe palace? So he wont disturb us.

“Hi, I am a volunteer at Dr. Lily Neo’s Meet The people’s session. I would like to personally help Jason to pen a letter to HDB, and try to re-appeal again. I am really disappointed myself, and would love to help him. Jason, do drop by MPS on monday and request to ask for Clarence. I promise to help you as much as possible.”

Very glad that thr was a kind soul who replied to th owner and hope th issue will be resolved soon so Idoh can continue staying in th house.

I am not a very big fan/ lover of dogs, neither do i own one. I believe having a dog is like having an additional family member. When a dog is missing, you will see people putting up notice around th streets. Just like when humans get missing, family members will make a police report, do search.

I do believe that everyone should be treated fairly, be it humans or dogs. It does not mean that Jason (owner of Idoh) is unable to afford a bigger house, he lose th right to be a kind-hearted soul to adopt th dog. He spent $400,000.00 to move from a 2 room flat to a 3 room flat to provide a better environment for Idoh and his children, who knows it made things worst…. Animals is also a life, they deserve to be treated better.

Its like a dream come true.

For those who know, i have been wanting a nose piercing for like 2 years or so alr? Every since my Y1S1 days, ive been like “I want. I want. I want”. Not many people actually encourage me to do so, and most of th reason was because its too ahlian. But it doesnt really bother me cause one of my classmate once said that i LOOK like one, but once i open my mouth, im not. LOL!!!!!! So ya, be it with or without a nose piercing wouldnt make much a diff if i alr look like one right. HAHAHAHHA!!

Okay so back to topic. It was totally random to get th piercing. Th other day Ai Lin was telling me she wanted to get a naval piercing. I was like waa, i also want to get a nose piercing leh. Thn we were like ok go tgt! HAHAHAH, so after some research and her friend recommendation, we decided to go to the Bugis Tattoo and Body Piercing shop located at Bugis Street.

Shop name: Bugis Tattoo and Body Piercing
Shop website: http://www.bugistattoo.com/
Cost: $40 for nose piercing (by needle) and $68 for naval piercing
Th staff who help me pierce: Ah Bee (98184832)

I dont really know th market price but i guess th prices are like arnd thr? Didnt do much research on price wise. So whn we first went there, there was only one staff, and he was doing a tattoo for one guy. We told him we wanted to do a naval and a nose piercing. So he paused his tattoo work and did for us. It was kind of scary cause he say i pierce first! So not prepared!!!! But he was like asking me if i want to use gun cause needle will be thicker (as in th hole will be bigger). AND WA, really ALOT bigger. TvT But i heard needle is a better choice over gun, so i decided to go on with it. As he had limited studs cause the hole is bigger, my stud is like SO long. Totally jutting out, 60% unglam. AHHAHA, but nope, NO REGRETS!

Pain level: Slightly more painful than ear piercing (very bearable) but i DID tear (I have done my research on this. It was said that our nose is linked to our eyes (nerve) so its common for some to experience tears.

Next was Ai Lin’s turn.. seems scary!!!!!! Dont think i will get th courage to do it, so after her naval piercing is done i asked th staff th pain comparison for nose and naval. He say nose is more painful. :O no way! Th way i see it is like PAIN!!!!! He say if i want do it, charge me $100 in total. Wa, this guy really know how to do biz. LOL!!!! But obviously i didnt get it done lah, so he gave us a namecard and thats th end of th story! Cant tell you th pain level of naval piercing cause i didnt do it, but it SEEMS pain to me! But for th sake of beauty, i believe if you want to do it, you can do it!

I scared for her, she scared for me. HAHA, we see each other’s one like so pain. But we both managed to did it! So i believe for those who are keen in getting your piercing done, just go for it!

After we got our piercing, we decided to get KOI and sit down to chill and relax, then walk around Bugis area before heading to Timbre @ The art house for dinnz! While walking around Bugis+, met Charlene!!! Totally Qiao * 99999!!! HAHAHAH

Address: #01-04, 1 Old Parliament Lane Sinagpore 179429
Telephone: 6336 3386

Roasted Duck $20

Buffalo Chicken Wings $14

Snowball $12 (HH)

Tequila Sunrise $11 (HH)

After dinner, we decided to take a walk around the Esplanade area, and we are very lucky to be able to catch the Merlion lightshow.


There will be a lighshow:An Inspiring Journey from 12 to 16 September 2012.

Lightshow timings:
12 Sept: 8:30pm, 9:15pm, 10.00pm, 10:30pm
13-16 Sept: 7:15pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm, 10.00pm, 10:30pm

For more information, visit this website: https://app.stb.gov.sg/asp/new/new03a.asp?id=13303

Thats all, a fun day with Ai Lin! Bye everyone~ <;3